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​This is Californio style ranch roping. In this style of roping, there are around 20 different loops that can be thrown from all angles. The emphasis is on good horsemanship, stress free stockmanship, and includes laying cattle down from horseback, not like the local football team.

This is horsemanship from the perspective of a cowboy and Bridle Horse Man. We like to call it simply Good Horsemanship. The goal is to teach everyone in the clinic to ride with their bodies rather than their hands. The concepts of collection and self-carriage play a major role in achieving this goal. This style of riding applies to all disciplines and interests from trail riding to 3-Day Eventing to Ranch Roping.

On the first day, everybody works their horses on the ground and in the saddle. This is the day where Pat gets to evaluate everyone's riding ability and the abilities of their horses. On the second day, Pat rides all the horses in the clinic and addresses individual goals and troubleshoots problems. On the third day, everybody gets back on their horses and Pat works with them individually and in a group. This is the day when the riders get to raise the bar and improve how they present themselves to their horses. They get specific homework assignments so they can continue their progress until next time. He only takes 10 riders so that everybody gets plenty of individual attention.

This is cattle work from a ranching and cowboying perspective. Over the course of  1-2 days, riders will learn how to read cattle, how to sort cattle out of a corral, and how to move cattle through a series of obstacles. Riders will learn why cattle do what they do and how to influence them to their advantage. Horses will benefit from having a job to do and riders will ride better because they have something else to think about. This clinic is suitable for beginners whose horses have never seen cattle all the way to those who have worked lots of cattle in the past. Pat will give his perspective as a cowboy and rancher where the name of the game is to be able to work cattle without stressing them.

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