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Come On, Partner, Let's Dance...Again
​Quality Groundwork
Groundwork from the eyes of a cowboy and Bridle Horse Man...

​Pat makes his living as a cowboy and has done so for the past 40 years. He's always had riding jobs, so he spends his days on the back of a horse. Now he enjoys passing on what horses have taught him.

​In this video, you'll learn the fundamentals of quality groundwork:

  • ​Hooking on and how to catch your horse correctly
  • ​Sending your horse between you and the fence
  • ​Teaching your horse how to pick you up off of the fence
  • Proper leading
  • Moving the hindquarters and the forehand
  • The circle
  • Sidepassing
  • Pat's signature exercise, "The Logs"
  • ​And insights into how to read your horse's mental state

​​Run Time: Approx. 80 minutes

​Price: $49.95 includes shipping

Pat's Slick Fork Saddle

Custom Bosals and Romal Reins



Pat has cowboyed all over the west for 40 years. In this book, he's written down what happens on a ranch from the time you turn the bulls in to shipping the calves. If you've ever been curious about what real cowboys do and the skills you need to be one, you'll find it here. This book explains what happens on three different types of ranches: a cow/calf outfit in the north country, a California yearling outfit, and an intensive grazing operation.

88 pages

Price: $11.95

So You Want to Be a Cowboy

Missing Link Snaffle

This bosal hanger is the only one we use. It's designed to stay away from the corner of your horse's eye and to keep the bosal stable on your horse's head. Watch the video below for more information on this practical piece of equipment!

​Price: $75 ​(bosal and mecate not included)​​


​This bit has been designed with collection and self-carriage in mind. With this bit, the horse does not need to defend the bars of his mouth by pushing with his tongue. The cricket encourages the horse to relax his tongue and listen to his rider. The Missing Link Snaffle is constructed of 5/8″ cold rolled steel, a brass cricket, and 3″ stainless steel rings. Each bit is hand made. The standard size is 5 1/4″ but custom sizes are available. (Patent Pending). Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery.

​Price: $150

In the Words of a Reinsman:
Transitioning your horse to a western bit

​Over the years, Pat has developed what he considers to be the ideal wade saddle. We've worked with a saddle maker in Chihuahua Mexico to perfect the design. What we've come up with is a no frills saddle that works for the vast majority of horses. It's a rough out. There's rawhide binding around the horn and rawhide on the Cheyenne roll. The stirrups are turned. It has a flat plate in-skirt rigging. The saddle weighs under 40 pounds fully rigged. That's it. The good news is the price and the time frame. You don't have to wait years to get your new saddle and you don't have to take out a second mortgage on your house. It takes 2-3 months after we receive your order. The price is $2500 plus shipping. $1500 is due at the time of your order. The balance is due before we ship your saddle to you. For those of you who hate to break in a new saddle, we can also offer you a saddle that Pat is currently riding. Gently used. The price is the same. The timeframe is faster! Saddle comes with stirrups and latigos. Shipping charges vary.

Patent Pending

Pat's Mohair Mule Cinch


Pat has spent more than 40 years refining his relationship with horses. As a cowboy and rancher, horses have been more than just a means of transportation. They have his been partners.

Over the course of his lifetime, Pat has had the opportunity to ride with some of the best reinsmen and cowboys in the West. Early on, he developed a passion for the Californio Bridle Horse, the highest compliment you can pay a horse. The classical origins of this heritage have given Pat a unique viewpoint and the ability to communicate effectively with horses and riders of all disciplines.

In this book, Pat takes on the subject of transitioning the mature horse to the bit. With step by step instructions, you will be guided along your journey of learning to ride your horse through your body rather than mechanically through your hands. What you'll find in these pages is "put your left hand here, put your right foot there" directions about how to teach your horse to tune in to your seat and legs. It includes a list of exercises to do on the ground and in the saddle along with guidelines that tell you when you should move on to the next step. With Pat's signature sense of humor and no nonsense, cowboy-style directness, this book will prove to be an invaluable tool in your quest to become a better horseman.

​65 pages

​Price: $11.95

​Handy Hints for Horsemen

Created for the comfort of the animal, secure saddle position, and rider safety. This unique rear cinch eliminates the need for breechings and cruppers that can cause sores, rubs, and hair loss. The mule cinch, along with a properly fitted breast collar, tethered snugly to the front cinch and secured with a custom latigo strap, creates a system that safely and comfortably keeps your saddle in place on long rides through rough terrain or long days in the branding pen. Handmade with your choice of colors and design. Priced from $225 (depending on number of colors, intricacy of design, and length needed).

Come On Partner Let's Dance

Making a Gentle Horse: Introducing the Flag and Tarp

In this second installment, Pat introduces the flag and tarp to a young Thoroughbred gelding. As a cowboy, there is a great deal of stock placed on having a gentle horse.  It can make the difference between living and dying on any given day on a ranch. Pat walks the viewer through the steps he takes to safely work a young horse with the flag and tarp from the ground with the goal of eventually being able to ride with both items.

The subjects covered in this video are:

  • Introducing a flag

  • The concept of separation between accepting the flag and
    moving away from the flag

  • Introducing a tarp

  • Driving a horse over a tarp on a lead rope and loose

  • Working a horse from above his eye to prepare for riding with
    ​a flag and tarp

  • Trailer loading as it relates to the flag and tarp

Run time: approx. 90 minutes

​Price: $49.95 includes shipping

​Bosal Hanger

​We offer custom made bosals at  whatever length you like. We use 10 1/2" long bosals on most of our horses rather than the standard 12"+ bosals you find on the shelf.

​You can also order romal reins in custom lengths to avoid having to handle a wad of braided rawhide reins while trying to keep track of 60 feet of rope or reata.

Fill out the contact form below to begin the ordering process.

Prices for bosals is $300.

Prices for reins is $350.

Delivery takes around 4 weeks.

With this DVD set, Pat hopes to pass on a little bit of the knowledge, wisdom, and experience that a lifetime spent with horses has taught him. This priceless information will help horse owners put solid foundations on their horses no matter what discipline they follow.

The footage contained here was compiled over years of horsemanship clinics, private lessons, and our members-only website. This one-of-a-kind DVD set covers a variety of subjects including:

  • Catching and haltering your horse correctly
  • How to tie a rope on your saddle so you don’t look like a dude
  • Some thoughts on bit selection, cheekpieces, & matching the bit to the horse
  • A checklist to determine when your young horse is ready to transition from being ridden in the halter to being ridden in the bosal
  • The logs – Pat’s signature exercise to teach your horse all things lateral
  • How to throw the Del Viento and the Johnny Blocker so you can win big at the next ranch roping!
  • How to assemble and fit Pat’s favorite style of bosal hanger and different methods to tie a mecate
  • Hand position in the hackamore
  • Riding with the tarp and flag
  • The right way to bridle and unbridle a spade bit horse
  • Determining the correct rein length for a bridle horse
  • Horse roping basics
  • Explaining “The Feel”
  • Trailer loading
  • Starting your horse on the roll back
  • Dragging logs and teaching your horse to tie off

Run Time: 3+ hours

​Price: $79 (2 disc set!)